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In our individual training you will get the guidance and support you need. In a detailed check-up we will do an anamnesis, including blood pressure measurement, body fat measurement, body and movement analysis and determine your current level of performance. Together we work out your goals and respond individually to your needs. We offer custom-made solutions that suits your fitness level.



With “Touch for Health” a method of kinesiology, we support you and your body to activate it´s self healing power. Through the muscle test we analyze muscle stress and issues and correct them with one-point balance. Using Touch for Health as a tool for stress reduction, correction of muscular and emotional imbalances, personal development, dissolving traumas, improvement of the posture and to increase overall health. 


For a holistic health analysis we use a cellular measurement (medX-Vitalscan). The analysis  includes: 

 Individual micro nutrients and amino acids; detailed food list to optimize your diet; individual plan with health recommendations, for example – detox from heavy metal pollution

As an additional service we offer the kinesiological testing of individual muscles. Together, we identify weaknesses and then develop the appropriate training concept.

healthy eating concept


Our holistic nutritional advice looks at the individual connection between your diet and health. Learn how to maintain your well-being with a balanced diet, strong immune system and healthy lifestyle.


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